We provide full application development lifecycle services across a full range of technologies

Native Android

We provide tailored Android Development service for your projects and ideas:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Development, Debugging, Testing and Optimization
  • Security Audit for your application
  • Cloud and Network Integration
  • Web Services Integration for your Apps
  • Code Review
  • Mentoring

Integrate your local processes with mobile and ubiquitous solutions. Overtake the barriers of our local business .

API and Backend

Backend services from the ground up with scalable technologies and the most recent and efficient and secure tools, methods and frameworks.

  • Web/REST API Design and Development
  • Mobile Application Backend and Data Services
  • Assynchrous and Offline Services for your Business
  • Security Audit
  • SDK Development
  • API Test Automation

Move your business to the cloud and automate your business.


We can audit your website or mobile applicatjon and identify some of your vulnerabilities and possible threats.

  • Cryptography for your sensitive data ( Stored and Transit data )
  • Secure Channels between your important processes.
  • Website and Mobile Apllication Security Audit
  • Secure Local Data Storage for your Android Application
  • DOS Attack Detection to your website

Secure your business from the most recent Internet threats

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A quick window to our most recent works and collaborations

SMS Scheduler Lite and Pro for Android

SMS Scheduler is a native android application to send sms at any time in the future or to send automatic sms messages sending with chosen frequency. Never forgot to send messages to your friends and family, now you can do it in advance.

Main Features:

  • Schedule Messages to multiple recipients
  • Create Groups from your contacts
  • History and status of delivery
  • Multiple frequencies supported (Every Hour, Day,month, Year and workdays)
  • Available in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Available on Google Play

Acordo Ortográfico for Android

Acordo Ortográfico is an application that provides an indispensable pocket guide to the new Portuguese language rules introduced by the Portuguese Language Agreement of 1990.The Agreement is an international treaty whose purpose is to create a unified orthography for the Portuguese language, to be used by all the countries that have Portuguese as their official language.

Main Features:

  • Quick Reference to new rules introduced with the Agreement
  • List of speeling differences before the agreement and after the agrement
  • List of Rules applied to each spelling change

Available on Google Play

Keytroller Keycheck

Keytroller Chekclist is a native Android application used for creating customized checklists to your business.The checklists and the access control could be completely customized to your needs on your computer and uploaded to the device over Wireless network.

Main Features:

  • Programable checklist steps
  • Programable supervisor and user accounts
  • Automatic Checklist loading from Dropbox or SDCard
  • Checklist Result History
  • Results exported to CSV file
  • No Backend required
  • Tablet and Mobile phone supported

For more informartion please contact the manufacter - Keytroller

Bearstouch Software

Bearstouch Software is a Software company that supplies high quality software services, software testing,application development and support services.